Wheel Repairing

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Wheel Repairing

In case if your wheel is beyond repairment, we replace it with OEM wheels.We have a huge stock of all brands of the wheel.
We provide you wheel repairing service at a reasonable rate with a limited warranty.

By using state-of-the-art CNC technology and digital profiling, we remanufacture cracked or severely bent or structurally damaged wheels.

By repairing, priming, Painting, machining, polishing and personalising your wheels, we fully restore cosmetically or structurally damaged or scratched or scraped wheel into a tiptop condition.

If we find minor cracks in the wheel lip, we weld your wheel.

Bending the inner and outer lip of a wheel by Potholes, road hazards and debris can damage tyres, steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. Our wheel straightening service is the solution for your bent wheels.
Our certified wheel mechanics inspect your wheel for cracks.

In case if no cracks are detected on your wheel or the depth of wheel damage is within our safe repair limits, we refinish your wheel.
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