Roadside Assistance

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Roadside Assistance in Melton and Tarneit

 Your joyful moments while driving a car can suddenly turn into stressful moments if you encounter any unpleasant incident on the road.

And as everybody doesn’t have the knowledge of repairing a car or a mechanic friend who can keep everything aside and come to your rescue, reliable service for roadside assistance is a must. Our team can provide effective solutions in all circumstances, regardless of the magnitude of the problem occurred to your car. (Who knows, we might become your ‘mechanic friend’!)

We offer Roadside Assistance in Melton and Tarneit.

  • Due to our quick response, customers stop panicking and feel a little relaxed.
  • We decide the items which would be helpful to you and carry them with us.
  • Our emergency roadside service team always stays prepared for all situations.
  • We maintain our vehicles well in order to reach you as fast as possible.

Our Roadside Assistance relieves you in the following ways –

  • Faulty Battery – We can jump start your vehicle or fit a new battery into it.
  • Flat Tyres – We replace the damaged tyre with the new one.
  • Fuel Shortage – We supply a sufficient quantity of petrol with which you can drive to the nearest fuel station.

If your vehicle runs on diesel, LPG or CNG, we can tow it to the nearest fuel or gas station.

  • Lost Keys
  • Stolen Keys
  • Locked out of the Car (Lockout)
  • Someone broke into your Car
  • Bogged Vehicle
  • Minor Repairs

If it’s not possible to get your vehicle going, we will tow it to our Car Service Centre or the workshop you prefer, at the minimal charges. Even if your problem seems small to you or makes you feel hesitant in availing support, give us a call at 0411985502 or 0406540737 as we never let anyone wandering on the road.