Car Air Conditioning Service

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Car Air Conditioning Service in Melton and Tarneit

As an authorizing licensee, we are proficient at car air conditioning service in Melton. We re-gas and repair all types of vehicles’ air conditioner systems in all specifications and models including in cars, trucks, passenger vehicle, earthmoving machinery light and commercial vehicle. Our expert mechanics install and does complete car air conditioning service across Tarneit.

We provide following Car Air Conditioning Service at Tarneit and Melton

·         Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service, Re-Gas, and Repairs

·         Supply and Installation of Car Air Conditioning

·         Evaporators & Condensers

·         Comprehensive on-site Diagnostic, Leak Detection, and Repairs of Car Air Conditioning

·         R134a re-gas / re-charge

·         R12 to R134a conversion

·         Air-con servicing including new gas, oil, dye, and a leak test

·         vehicles air conditioners and climate control systems

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